Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is your blueprint for marketing success. It can be written specifically for you to take action, or it can serve as a “masterplan” to create synergy between your outsourced marketing activities for maximum results.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

Put simply, a digital marketing strategy is a plan tailored to best advertise your products and services based on your target market, competitors, budget, medium, and schedule. Whilst this will likely vary from business to business, it typically involves the use of content plans, persuasive sales copy, aesthetic style guides and, imagery such as photography or graphic design, which is applied using various tools such as SEO, social media advertising and engagement, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, link building, and so on. It should provide detailed guidelines on what to write, how to style it, when to publish, and where it should be seen for maximum effect.

What solutions/platforms should I use?

The reason we offer this service is that business owners vary greatly in their available time, industry, target market, technical skills, sales prowess, and customer service style. Generic advice doesn’t often provide a full picture or pave the way for a solid, actionable plan, and the best intentions can get lost in the confusion. We’ll work with you to develop a strategy and schedule that works for you to make the most of your resources to achieve real results.

Do I need a strategy, or can I just wing it?

You can, of course, just wing it… but should you? As in all things, a plan helps to keep momentum, consistency, and clarity – particularly for business owners wearing many hats or trying to delegate tasks appropriately to their team. You may also be missing out on amazing methods and processes which you simply haven’t heard of – or wasting time employing the wrong methods for the results you’re trying to achieve!

How do I monitor results?

There are a number of ways to measure your success, and that will likely depend on the platform. This could include easily measurable analytics based on clicks, sign-ups, email opens and engagement, or online purchases. We can also measure based on leads from incoming calls, and occasionally, from bookings or footfall, if the process is set up correctly. We can also compare similar activities or advertisements to see which performs best for their targets (A/B testing), to optimise our efforts moving forward.

What do I need to provide?

You’ll need to book a free, 1-hour consultation to discuss your current situation, resources, and goals.  We’ll then draw up a detailed questionnaire to record specific details about your business, your team, and your target market. We’ll then draw together a proposal of costs and suggested processes, before finalising these plans in a strategy session and providing a tailored, written guide for your digital marketing activities.

How much does it cost?

At the end of your free, initial consultation, we’ll be able to give you a ballpark figure based on the intricacy and timeline, as well as any services you may need to outsource (such as design, copywriting, or campaign management). You can expect a simple, 12-month strategy session and written plan to be provided from around £300 for the use of one or two solutions, and larger-scale, more intricate planning may be closer or exceeding £2000 for a 6 month, evolving, multi-solution strategy and detailed content plans.

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