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With our managed hosting packages, you’ll have everything you need to run your online presence with complete peace of mind on super-fast, environmentally-friendly servers.

Features Sprout Grow Thrive
SSD Storage 1GB 2GB 5GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Backups Daily Daily Daily
Email Accounts 5 20 Unlimited
Theme & Plugin Updates Weekly Weekly Weekly
SSL Certificate Free Let's Encrypt Premium
(£7,600 warranty)
Extended Validation
(£1.34m warranty)
Uptime Monitoring
Broken Link Monitoring
Included Amendments 30 mins 1 hr
Performance Monitoring Weekly Daily
Monthly SEO Reports
Security Scans Weekly Daily
Monthly Status Report
Premium Security Suite
Discount on extra amendments/support 20% 30%
Price (monthly, paid monthly) £15 £54 £78
Price (monthly, paid annually) £12.50 £45 £65

* Troubleshooting includes fixing or rolling back your website to a previous software version if something goes wrong during an update, and help with technical email faults.

** Monthly amendments and support allowance can be used to add new content, features, or fix something which has broken outside the scope of regular troubleshooting (for example, user errors). A maximum of 1 month can be rolled over to the next calendar month.


Here are some common questions about our hosting packages

SSL encryption ensures any data entered into your website (such as billing details or personal information), are kept secure between the visitor’s browser and the web server. Websites without SSL Certificates are usually penalised by modern browsers and marked as ‘unsafe’, which put people off visiting, as well as potentially risking any data entered into your website. For any modern website, an SSL Certificate is a must-have!

EV” stands for Extended ValidationExtended Validation SSL Certificates are a new type of SSL Certificate which is intended to give users more confidence in who you are (the legal entity who has applied for the SSL certificate) and that you control/own your web site. They’re perfect for e-commerce sites, as well as websites that collect detailed data from visitors.

We specialise in WordPress websites, so we only provide managed hosting services for WordPress at the moment. However, if your WordPress website passes our security inspection, you can move your existing website to our hosting to take advantage of our services. Depending on how your website was built, we may only be able to provide limited support, as software updates change over time and may need to be replaced or re-licenced. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We’ll be able to advise you on the storage you’ll need for your website (images and video can be particularly resource-hungry), as well as what to expect for your email accounts. If you have a particularly media-content-heavy website, or you send a lot of large email attachments, we may need to charge extra for additional storage space. We’ll let you know if you’re nearing any limits, though, and advise you on how you can save space moving forward to avoid added charges.

Plans have a contractual term of 12 months, but you can upgrade at any time.

We collect monthly hosting fees via Direct Debit so you can ‘set it and forget it’ without needing to log in to an online dashboard to renew anything. However, we’ll check in with you once a year to make sure you’re still happy with your service and give you notice to cancel, upgrade, or downgrade as you require.

We collect annual managed hosting fees via invoice – you can pay via bank transfer, card, or cheque. We’ll check in with you once a year to make sure you’re still happy with your service and give you notice to cancel, upgrade, or downgrade as you require.

We know that you might not need changes to your website every month, so you can carry over your quota to the next month (for a total maximum of 1 hour on Grow, or 2 hours on Thrive).

Our current hourly rate is £60, or £48/£42 if you’re on our Grow/Thrive package (respectively), with a minimum charge of 30 minutes. However, if you’d like only very small amendments to your website (changing wording or adding a blog post, for example), we’ll be glad to support you in making those changes yourself by providing the necessary training, which could save you money in the long run.

GSuite and Office 365 are fantastic services, but unfortunately we aren’t resellers for them at this time. However, if you’d like help setting up and integrating GSuite, Office 365, or another email service with your domain, we’re happy to help.

We do! Professional, ongoing SEO is priced separately from managed hosting. Please visit this page for more information about our Search Engine Optimisation packages.

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