2020 Pandemic: Are you ready to embrace this challenge?

Even though the UK government is offering various financial support schemes for small businesses affected by Coronavirus, freelancers and micro-enterprises especially are being left out in the cold. Lack of eligibility, lack of time to wait for banks to make their decisions, and understandable fear of building debt in the wake of an economic crisis are bringing many ventures to their knees. At Glade Digital, we’re acutely aware of the impact this will have on our clients and are looking at ways to help you manage your limited finances and business opportunities.

While we’re not qualified to offer financial advice, we will be introducing several ways to help customers start, maintain, and grow their online presence. Whether they have a means of trading now (video consultations, e-commerce, SaaS, etc.) or whether they’ll have to stop actively trading for a few months will, of course, depend on their business models, products and services, and access to and ability with current technology. However, with the right help, we’d like to help our clients make the most of the circumstances and develop new skills and ideas which they can carry forward, such as writing, presentations, video production, and ‘productising’ their services into scalable, lower-maintenance packages.

We’ll also be introducing more accessible payment plans to help manage the cost of our projects and services, enabling new and existing clients to spread their project fees over twelve months with no interest or added fees. Starting April 1st, for at least the next three months, we’re also increasing our referral reward from 10% to 20%, as an added thank you for recommending our services to your friends, family, and networks. We’ll be writing more about our referral rewards shortly and how you can get involved to earn some extra income.

With more people at home and rapidly consuming online media, there are still opportunities out there if we can think outside the box, lean in, and embrace change as the only certainty. If you feel like you’re in trouble and are looking for ways to help your business survive, we’re available for phone and video conferences to discuss your options. Our success can only exist with your success, so let’s work together to leverage our resources and make the most of this challenge. Are you ready?

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